Autism: “What’s A Sister To Do?”

Well now that I know that my brother has autism I have to get used to It and this is how I did It.  First, I thought what can I do. Second, I talked about It with Mom.  Finally I started doing what me, my mom and Richard (My Step-Dad) thought we should do, which was:

-set up therapy for my brother. Speech, language, OT, Physical and sensory therapies.
-see the doctor more.
-buy apps on our two Ipads that are designed for autistic kids.
-shop for gluten-free food and recipes.
-learn more about diets and eating healthy as a family
-be more thoughtful and understanding
-be more kind to my baby brother.



Figuring Out Autism: “The Sister Way”


When my mom told me that my brother had autism i just froze and when she continued I just started to cry. I was thinking why is this happening to Kian? and I thought wait, there is cure. But when I asked, my mom said “I dont know if there is a cure” and I went over to her and started crying again because I never knew how it felt to have a family member so close to me like Kian (my brother) to have a disability.